Eating Healthy Part 3: Connecting, Visualizing & Movement

Eating Healthy Part 3: Connecting, Visualizing & Movement

by Dr. Shelese Pratt ND @ The Pratt Clinics

Boulder, Colorado


I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I am back to talk with you about ways to improve your mindset around food. Please review the previous blogs for the first 4 suggestions. Here are the next 4 steps in my program to implement into your life for vibrant health.

5. Visualize your Health

Ask any high performance athlete how important it is to visualize success. I say, try the same thing with your health. Imagine what your life would be like if you felt healthy and energized all the time. What would you do with that extra energy? Picture it in your head and write it down. Create a healthy meal in your mind’s eye.  How would it taste? How would your body feel if it was thriving? Then you should imagine how that would change your life. This visualization will help you make your goals a reality.

6. Hug It Out

Touching other people releases oxytocin. This hormone makes us feel connected to our loved ones. It also helps us control our appetite and reduce food cravings. So go give someone a hug!

7. Mediation

Scientist found that regular meditation creates structural changes in the parts of the brain involved with monitoring focus and self-control. It’s pretty simple to do and can be done in minutes. I would suggest with starting a sitting mediation practice and commit to 5 minutes everyday at the same time. Add a few minutes each week. Maybe by week 5 of your meditation you can sit for 15-20 minutes.  Mediation will also help you create more awareness in your life. This awareness will allow you to choose if you are actually hungry or if you are feeling emotional or board.

8. Move It or Lose It!

Sometimes we are more motivated to eat healthy when we are exercising. I’ve had days when I come home from work tired and the last thing I want to do is exercise. Instead, I could sit home, watch a movie, eat dinner and follow it up with a gluten free brownie and a glass of wine. I rarely make this choice, because I know that if I go exercise I will feel less stressed, more energized, and make better decisions about what I will eat.  After I exercise, I don’t want that brownie or glass of wine. I would rather have vegetables and a tall glass of water.  Exercise is a powerful motivator for better health in general. When we exercise we feel more committed to how we treat our body.

By practicing visualization, hugging, meditation and exercise you will become more present in your body. You will become more connected to mindset of health and ultimately change your relationship to food in a positive way. 

If you have any questions please call my office. I am here for you.

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Dr.Pratt is a great team player and her work complements the other therapies and approaches we follow in conjunction.

- Parent of Autism Spectral Disorder Patient

Apart from BIT, Dr.Pratt's vast knowledge of the biomedical basis of ASD helps support parents as they try to heal the child's body in helping the brain develop.

- Parent of Autism Spectral Disorder Patient

There were such significant changes in my child's behavior after Dr. Pratt’s treatment, that it absolutely changed his life and the whole family.

- Behavioral Issues and Family Naturopathic Care

I have to say, I have never seen anything have such a positive impact on someone's life.

- ADD / Memory Recall Patient

Dr. Pratt's approach was friendly, relaxing, reassuring and non-invasive, and the progress that we saw in our son's writing was immediate and remarkable.

- Specific Learning Disability Patient

I would highly recommend Dr. Pratt’s nurturing, life changing treatments to anyone who desires a better, easier way of living in this world.

- Anxiety / Learning Disability Patient

Dr. Pratt’s treatment made it possible for my daughter to go to school full-time for the first time in two years, and as a matter of fact, she’s now talking about going to college instead of worrying that she’d never graduate high school.

- Patient of Head Injury Patient

Since my first appointment with Dr. Pratt, I have come back to her for every ailment. She has quickly and effectively cured every sickness I have experienced.

- Naturopathic Medicine Patient

I am working 4 days a week and I accomplish more in a day now than I did in a whole week before. I feel productive and useful after BIT.

- Head Injury Patient

It has not all been easy, changing your lifestyle and diet is a challenge but we feel very supported by Dr. Pratt. It's a long road to recovery but the rewards are great along the way. My son has almost recovered from his symptoms and we owe all of this to Dr. Pratt. We are very thankful to have crossed her path at the right time in our journey.

- EI, Rye, NY

Dr. Pratt is compassionate and well-informed about the various challenges and available options for children with special needs. She is always willing to brainstorm options with parents and has a way of getting through to the children.

- Best, Pooja

It is almost impossible to explain the dramatic and positive effect Dr Shelese Pratt has had on my health. It is without exaggeration that I say Dr Pratt has saved my life on numerous occasions. To say her work has dramatically increased the quality of my life is gross understatement. There is not an aspect of my physical, mental, or emotional health that Dr Pratt has not addressed at some point during my years as her patient. I first saw Dr Pratt in 2005, after suffering one infection after another over the course of three months and had exhausted my known medial avenues. She was the only doctor to see the connection to between all of my symptoms and to care long enough and deep enough to get to the bottom of them. I have sent countless loved ones and colleagues to her over the years and know that the level of her care has changed their lives for better without exception. I have had the privilege of seeing Dr Pratt for Brain Integration, naturopathic, and homeopathic treatments and I can say without any reservation that I credit my health and well being to her and her practice.

- Erica A., Naturopathic Medicine Patient